Make Money on Betfair – Laying False Favourites to Lose in Handicaps

Yes, you can make money on Betfair, laying false favorites in handicaps.
Laying horses to lose is mainly about common sense – if you want to be a long term player, it simply wont happen if you keep laying favorites in novice hurdles, maiden races, auction races, bumper races or claimers or sellers.

Well, look at the stats, look at any course in the UK when they have a race meeting on and go to the racing post race cards for that meeting – open the drop down list under “favorites” and see for yourself the percentage of favorites that win these races. Novice Hurdles? these races can have a favorite WIN rate as high as 45% at some courses – it’s almost worth while BACKING them to win at some courses.

Some maiden races at certain courses have equally high WIN rates… No, not for me.
No, I have to say, Handicaps are for me and the sprintier (is there such a word?) the better. – sprints are races of 5 or 6 Furlongs, and they usually get lots of jostling at the start as the race is short and everyone is trying to get the best position early on.

Now, not just any old handicaps – most tracks record less favorites winning in all age handicaps, 4yo+ are best. These are seasoned performers who have shown their worth (or lack of it), yes some are still open to improvement but generally – the cards are on the table for these horses.
Unlike 2 or 3 year old handicaps, surprises are more uncommon – this gives us a great foundation for laying.

What do I look for? Horses that have won previously and a re now being asked to do MORE – i.e up in class, up (or down) in trip, these horses may also be carrying MORE weight – now horses unproven at the distance, unproven at rise in class, judi bola online unproven at the track can all be good prospects to lay, however if the opposition is pretty poor – the horse could still win – Right?
What we need to look at is – is this the only fancied horse in the race? – do some of its market rivals have winning form?, is its winning form in the class of the race today (this is good). Have these rivals been running on this surface before, have they been winning on this surface before, this distance, at this track etc.

You will be surprised at how many horses are made favorite even though the horse has never run at the track or distance. Some tracks are stiffer than others.
you get the general idea – look for favorites in all age 4YO+ handicaps at tracks where the favorite wins less than 30% of the time in these races. Look for favorites expected to run up in class for the first time, unsure at the distance, going etc – perhaps at this track for the first time.
I hope this will help you in your quest for laying false favorites – for more information go here []